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Kingdom of Stars 2: Time of the Legion of Darkness

8th Age: Age of the Kingdom of Stars Year: 10719 – 13660, 1683AC

1683AC, 0-KoS: the Kingdom of Stars is founded. The Tower of Stars re-appears. The Tower’s Master gifts to the Kingdom of Stars 5600 cubits² of maps, scrolls, and magical items that he saved and procured from the time just prior to the World Cataclysm. With this vast new information the Kingdom of Stars along with some help from the Tower’s Master sets out to rebuild all of the great ancient lost structures.
1683AC 3rd Reorxmont: Thia is born
1685AC marks the first use of steel.
1687AC construction begins on the great city of Palanthas.

1690AC 1ST Gileadai of Reorxmont (Micah’s KoS, 2011-2013)

1690AC the 2nd Sol of Reorxmont the Sekk are repelled from Adlatum.
1690AC the Sekk are repelled from Taladas
1691AC the Sekk are repelled from Golarion
1691AC the Sekk are repelled from Dragon Isles
1690AC the Sekk are repelled from Ithin’carthia
1692AC the Sekk are repelled from Angmoria

1697AC 4th Nuindai of Corij KoS 14, The Legion of Darkness’s portal on the land of the Dark Sun is closed, Kastial and Lovash die.
The kingdom grows to encompass the entire planet. It is said that the sun never set for the Kingdom of Stars, and finally brings prosperity & knowledge to all races that inhabit this world. Adventurers travel the globe on great quests for the Kingdom of Stars.
1697AC Hemi Cuda regains his Dwarven name Thondol Fellhammer in an elaborate Dwarven ceremony.
1697AC 2 Soldai of Bran, 14 KoS: Thallos Lenitnes is born
1702AC High King Rydendow the First dies at an unnatural old age of 386, 1316-1702AC. He is succeeded by Rydendow the Second.
1723AC the greatest builders, artisans, mages, scholars, and visionaries finish the Hall of Kings as a final tomb for the souls of the great Kings. This Great Hall rivals the greatest Dwarven kingdoms in size, but surpassed them in beauty.
1723AC 3rd Manthus of Hiddumont, 47 KoS: Alric Zelbross the 6th (DRED) is born
1726AC 4th Soldai of Rannmont, 50 KoS: Jeroha (Grim) Zelbross is born
1728AC 2nd Boreadai of Sirrimont, 52 KoS: Bogart Zelbross is born
1730AC 5th Soldai of Bran, 58 KoS: Solara Zelbross is born
1730AC Feral dies in a Transporter accident, 1771-1730
1733AC Ella dies: 1671-1733
1736AC, 1st Luindai of Chislmont, Rydendow the Third is born.
1745AC Fawn dies: 1671-1745
1748AC the first sighting of Orc at The Desolation. High King Rydendow the Second died in combat, vastly outnumbered by the invading Orc. He lived a long life span of 236 years from 1512-1748AC. He is succeeded by Rydendow the Third.
1751AC Rachelle Pax dies. Her beloved husband Orion Pax has her buried in the Innishiere Woods were they had fallen in love.
1752AC, 69 KoS (Jackson’s 2014)

1754AC Malik dies: 1671-1754
1765AC Thondol Fellhammer and his sons and daughters of begin constructing 118 Safes to store the knowledge of the Kingdom of Stars.
1793AC Thovan Fellhammer is born
1799AC Zale Ang in Born
1808AC The Orc is born
1829AC Luka Murasaki is born
1851AC Thia dies: 1703-1851

1852AC the Legion of Darkness invades. Sir Quinn (Kale’Jenrak) dies, 478 years. He sends word of the invasion before being overwhelmed by the vast army that emerged.

1852AC, 169 KoS (Micah’s KoS 2, 2015)

The Record

“It is late Phoenix, 1852AC, KoS 169, and it is with a heavy heart that I am compelled to write the telling of the Kingdom’s Last days, and its 4.5 Billion population (4,500,000).
In mid Aelmont, 1852AC, KoS 169; the Legion of Darkness began its invasion of our world. At first it was a trickle of portals opening randomly around the realm. The Kingdom was caught completely off guard.
By Mishamont, the number of portals opening increased. There was wide spread panic as the trickle became a stream. A stream that could have been dammed up if the Legions guarding the Orc reservation had been at their homes. Commoners rose up to fight the ominous evil, and for a brief moment I thought we had a chance. I figured the planetary population at this time to be at 93%.
By Bran, we could no longer track the number of portals, our communications were sporadic. Word spread that people began to flee what was left of their lands and began to link up with others to continue the fight. The planetary population as near as I can figure it was at 64%.
To my knowledge during the month of Corij all major organized resistance had cease, but many small groups still conducted guerrilla warfare against the Legion. At this time the planetary population was at 30%. Some people began to seek refuge, while most began long migrations in the hope of finding a safe haven. Of course those that chose to migrate headed to Ansalon. They believed that Ansalon being the home of the Kingdom of Stars would be the safest place.
However by Hiddumont, all notable resistance was gone, merely single powerful heroes nibbled at the heels of the Legion. I believe the planetary population to be at 9%. This means that Ansalon alone is now soaked with the blood of over 1 billion people. I do not believe you can find a place in all of Ansalon that you are not able to see bodies strung about. All the rivers run red, and the lakes team with the floating dead. During this month I received word that Daltigoth had fallen, there has been no sightings of the Emperor. I would mark the 3rd Shinarai of Hiddumont, 1853AC, KoS 170, as the death of Rydendow the 3rd, age 117, he has no successor.
It is now late in Phoenix, I am with the last group of survivors in Sanction, high in the Lords of Doom, mountains. There are fewer survivors than I had expected; there are only about 19,000 in all, huddled in this ancient stronghold. This brings us to loosely .4% of the 4.5 Billion people, which once inhabited this free and prosperous world. We are low on water and nearly out of food. I believe we will ether meet our end at the hands of the Legion or starve.
The following are written records, dreams given to me, or stories told by eye witnesses.” – Unnamed Historian



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